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These photographs are taken with the consciousness
of  recognition, respect and love.
Then, every Being captured in its natural environment,
can offer, together with its visible image,
part of its love-light essence.

As they entered thru the lens, without
any tinkering with photoshop or lab.



932 103 150 / 638 147 905

c/ Sta. Rosalia 15-17 2º2ª_08035 BARCELONA

THANK YOU for enjoying these images with us.
Please contact us for your demmands, comments or inquiries.


       I was born in the Philippine Islands, 700, they say, are the islands, where my parents lived. There I grew up surrounded by the exuberant and sumptuous tropical vegetation that doubtlessly marked my way of seeing the world and nature. As a child in my father’s lab, I would watch with awe how pictures appeared in that submerged paper in the pan that he would let me move under the magical reddish light: perceiving the light-prints that negatives left in the silver plated paper.

      My early contact with photography didn’t lead me to a dedication to it, as would be expected; I started my connection with art by drawing and painting. Later, I was intensely and gratifyingly occupied with the raising of my four children, who have been the source of inspiration and subject  for much of my work.

      I graduated in History and Geography in Barcelona University, specializing in cultural Anthropology, fascinated by the urgency of studying so-called primitive cultures, as with the idea of a method of study that was both holistic and comparative -- a type of research that was participatory.

      Later on for some years I was part of a fashion design business, for which I did the photographs for its books and publicity.

      The fact is that during most of my life I have been bound to photography in my desire to discover, capture and make lasting the ephemeral beauty of an instant.  I am still amazed every time I take a photo: when I look through the lens….it seems things get into my camera attracted by my own surprise or admiration.  I perceive that the plants, animals, landscapes or persons I focus on play a game of truth and reality with my camera’s eye, revealing their true image, that which contains their life spirit and maintains them as such --  light-prints that glisten in the oceans of timelessness that is a photograph --  That is why I feel that whatever I photograph offers me the gift of an invisible and valuable part of itself.

      My favorite source of light -- almost the only one -- is Sunlight in its multiple tones and variations: the golden glows of sunrise touching magnificent silhouettes, the splendorous violets of sunset, dissolving limits.  And that silver and steel that come with air charged with electric storms, and the ashen light and smoke of a low and foggy cloud, and the embracing iridescent transparency of the rain.

In these years I have learned that the beings and objects must be photographed from an awareness, a consciousness of respect and esteem, joy and celebration, a wonder of its oneness.  In this way they can leave their soul-prints of light, Huellas de Luz, in the photographs. Light-prints, Huellas de Luz that the eye sometimes cannot see, but that possibly and through affinity, the soul can capture.

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